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Multifunctional electric cleaning brush

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  • 种多功能电动清洁刷

  • Title:
    Multifunctional electric cleaning brush
  • Author: Chu Wenming
  • Subjects: Human Necessities ; Furniture ; Domestic Articles OR Appliances ; Coffee Mills ; Spice Mills ; Suction Cleaners In General ; Domestic Washing OR Cleaning ; Suction Cleaners In General ; Medicine ; Sciences ; Chemistry
  • Language: Chinese;English
  • Description: The invention discloses a multifunctional electric cleaning brush and belongs to the field of living sanitary supplies. The electric cleaning brush comprises a brush head, a brush rod and connecting rods. The brush head comprises a sponge, a waterproof electronic module and a brush disc, the sponge and the brush disc are arranged on the upper and lower side faces of the brush head respectively, the waterproof electronic module is disposed in the middle of the brush head, and the connecting rods are disposed on both sides of the brush head, rotatably connected to the brush head and connected tothe brush rod through a first fixing member. According to the electric cleaning brush, the problems that inconvenience is caused when brush tools and mops are used for switch, time and manpower are wasted during manual operation of the brush tools, brush rods are inconvenient to replace, and the traditional metal brush rods easily and accidentally injure operators are solved; the defects of the prior art are overcome, the design is reasonable, the structure is compact, the brush disc is connected to the waterproof electronic module, the brush can automatically clean windows or walls after being powered-on, the time and manpower are saved, it is convenient to switch between the brush disc and the sponge part, the height of the brush rod can be freely adjusted, and the operator is unlikelyto be scratched by a wooden or plastic handle. 本发明公开了种多功能电动清洁刷,属于生活洁具领域,包括刷头、刷杆和连接杆,刷头包括海绵、防水电子模块和刷盘,海绵和刷盘分别设置在刷头的上、下侧面,防水电子模块设置在刷头的中部,连接杆设置在刷头的两侧,与刷头转动连接,并通过第固定件与刷杆连接。本发明有效避免了使用刷具和拖把转换时不方便、刷具手动操作时时费力、刷杆不方便替换以及传统金属刷杆容易误伤操作人员等问题,克服现有技术的不足,设计合理,结构紧凑,刷盘连接防水电子模块,可以通电后自动清洗窗户或墙面,省时省力,刷盘和海绵部分切换方便,刷杆可以自由调节高度,木制或塑料制的手柄也不容易划伤操作人员。
  • Creation Date: 06 November 2018

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