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A story of YHWH : cultural translation and subversive reception in Israelite history / Shawn W. Flynn.

Shawn W. Flynn, author.

London : Routledge, 2019.

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  • Title:
    A story of YHWH : cultural translation and subversive reception in Israelite history / Shawn W. Flynn.
  • Author: Shawn W. Flynn, author.
  • Subjects: God (Judaism) -- Name; Judaism -- History;
    Dewey: 296.3112
  • Publication Details: London : Routledge, 2019.
  • Language: English
  • Edition: 1st
  • Description: Contents:


    List of abbreviations


    Chapter 1: Purpose and Scope

    The Story of Comparative Endeavors

    Understanding the Roots of Contemporary Questions

    Some Common Challenges

    Tools for a Comparative and Developmental History of YHWH

    Finding a Narrative Arc

    Cultural Translation

    Subversive Reception



    Chapter 2: Competing Narratives of Early Origins

    Geographical Options and Limitations

    Possible Southern Origins: Egypt and the Biblical Narrative

    An Egyptian/Southern Test Case: Seth and YHWH

    Early YHWHism From a Southern Perspective

    The North: Ugarit, Baal, El,
    Contents: and the Early Stages of YHWHism

    Early YHWHism

    YHWH in Early Poetry

    YHWH in Inscriptions

    The Divine Council



    Chapter 3: The Rise of YHWH and Jerusalem on the International Stage

    Urbanization and YHWH

    Urbanism and Divinity in the Ancient Near East

    Israelite Urbanism and Divinity in Shiloh and Jerusalem

    A Context for Change: Israel and its Neighbors

    Urbanization, Divinity,
    Contents: and the Role of Scribal Culture

    YHWH on the International Stage

    The Neo-Assyrian Context as Catalyst

    Isaiah 6 as Israelite Protest Literature

    Isaiah 6:18 in the Neo-Assyrian Period

    Subversive Reception: The mīs pî and its Connections with Isaiah 6:18

    The Call of the Neo-Assyrian Kings Versus the Call of Isaiah

    Subversive Reception in the Book of Nahum

    Nahum 1

    Nahum 2

    Nahum 3



    Chapter 4: YHWH as Israel’s Only God: YHWH in The Exilic Period

    The Exilic Context

    The Exile and Judean Reactions such as Psalm 137

    The Growth of Exilic YHWHism and Onomastics

    Psalms of Lament, Psalm 44,
    Contents: and the Silence of an Urban YHWH

    What happened to the Other Gods? The Deuteronomistic History


    Genesis 1 and Creation Imagery




    Chapter 5: Persian Period: The Afterlives of YHWHism

    The Context of the Persian Period

    Elephantine and the Judean Communities YHWHism

    YHWH in Third-Isaiah

    Isaiah 57:1415


    Tackling Monotheism

    The Book of Jonah

    Horizontal Movement and Tension

    Descending to Sheol and Escaping Heaven: The Vertical Axis

    Self-Constructed Distance from YHWH: Vertically and Horizontally

    Jonah’s Complex/Post-Exilic Perception of YHWH

    The Shape of YHWH in the Persian Period



    Chapter 6: Conclusion and Assessment

    Challenges and Limitations

    Discoveries and
    Contents: Fruits




  • Identifier: ISBN 9781317247135 (ePub ebook) : £36.99; ISBN £115.00; ISBN 9781317247142 (PDF ebook) : £36.99; ISBN 9781317247128 (Mobipocket ebook) : £36.99; ISBN 9781315630472 (ebook) : £36.99
    10.4324/9781315630472 doi; BNB GBB9F3961; System number: 019534031
  • Physical Description: 1 online resource.
  • Series: Studies in the history of the ancient Near East

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