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A social history of the Ise shrines : divine capital / Mark Teeuwen and John Breen.

Mark Teeuwen, author.

New York : Bloomsbury Academic, 2017.

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  • Title:
    A social history of the Ise shrines : divine capital / Mark Teeuwen and John Breen.
  • Author: Mark Teeuwen, author.
  • Contributor: John Breen 1956- author.
  • Subjects: Ise Daijingū -- History; Ise Daijingū; History of religion; Religion and sociology -- Japan -- Ise-shi -- History; RELIGION / Shintoism; HISTORY / Asia / Japan; RELIGION / History; Religion and sociology; BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Spirituality / Paganism & Neo-Paganism; RELIGION / Comparative Religion; Oriental religions; Religion -- Shintoism; History -- Asia -- Japan; Religion -- History; Shintoism; Ise-shi (Japan) -- History; Japan -- Ise-shi; History; Electronic books;
    Dewey: 299.5/61350952181
  • Publication Details: New York : Bloomsbury Academic, 2017.
  • Language: English
  • Description: Contents: Cover; Half Title; Series; Title; Copyright; Contents; Figures; Prologue; Notes to the Reader; Introduction Divine Capital: Ise and its Agents; The 2013 Rebuilding; Meanings and Agents; The Purpose of This Book; Chapter 1 Ancient Ise: Divine Wrath and Court Politics; Emperor Tenmu and the 'Shrine of Amaterasu'; Ise's Origination Myth; Amaterasu as the Leader of the Heavenly Deities; Why Ise?; Empress Jito and Amaterasu; Summing Up; Chapter 2 Classical Ise: Hosophobia Codified; Buddhism and the Imperial Succession; The Ise of the Protocols
    Contents: The Inner Shrine's Auxiliary Shrines, Their Kami and Kami SeatsThe Ise Priesthood; Ise Ritual; Ise and Court Ritual; Chapter 3 Amaterasu's Escape From Ise; The Ritsuryo Funding System Unravels; New Strategies in the Struggle for Land; Redefining Ise for a New Era; Kamakura; New Court Interpretations; Esoteric Readings of Ise; Ise's New Agents and their New Clientele; Chapter 4 Ise in the Kamakura Period: Lands and Secrets; The Mongols; Economic Woes; Watarai Yukitada and the Origin; Reinventing the Outer Shrine's Kami; Creating Secrets; Shinto; Ise's Medieval Capital: Secrets and Land Rights
    Contents: Chapter 5 Ise in the Muromachi Period: War and PilgrimsA New Political Environment; Kitabatake Chikafusa and Ise Thought; Pilgrimage and the Rise of a New Group of Ise Actors; The Development of Yamada; Trade, War and the Yamada Council; The Shrines Go to Ruin; Ise Worship Dispersed; Chapter 6 Ise Restored and Shintoized; A New Order Imposed; The Ise Shrines Restored; A New Hierarchy of Power; Shogunal Ise; Ise's Shintoization; Chapter 7 Pilgrims' Pleasures: Ise and its Patrons in the Edo Period; The Ise Experience; Ise Abroad: Oshi and Their Agents; Popular Imaginings
    Contents: Bakumatsu Politics: Imperializing IseChapter 8 Meiji Ise: Amaterasu's Mausoleum and the Modern Pilgrim; The Meiji Emperor and the Ise Shrines; Uji, Yamada and the Provinces of Modern Japan; Shin'enkai and Its Legacy; Chapter 9 Ise and Nation in Taisho And Early Showa Japan; The Sun Goddess's Progress, 1929; Popular Participation; Ise Discourse in the 1920s and 1930s; Promoting Ise: The Shrine and Its Publicity; Ujiyamada and the Pilgrims' Return; Ujiyamada in the Early Twentieth Century; Ise at War; Chapter 10 Crisis and Recovery: Ise's Post-War Transformations; 1953: Ise and the Ruins of War
    Contents: The Shinto Establishment and the 1953 SenguPrint Media, Propaganda and Critical Comment; 1973: Ise Restored; Ise's 'True Guise': Aspects of Production and Preparation; Print Media; Ise in 1993: Topography, Marketing and Media; Marketing Ploys; Media and Performance; Conclusion: Phases of Redevelopment; Notes; Introduction; Chapter 1; Chapter 2; Chapter 3; Chapter 4; Chapter 5; Chapter 6; Chapter 7; Chapter 8; Chapter 9; Chapter 10; Conclusion; References; Index
  • Identifier: ISBN 9781474272803 (electronic bk.); ISBN 1474272800 (electronic bk.); BNB GBB709193; System number: 018175469
  • Notes: Bibliography note: Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Physical Description: 1 online resource.
  • Series: Bloomsbury Shinto studies

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