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Science and Christianity : an introduction to the issues / J.B. Stump.

J. B. Stump, author.

Chichester. West Sussex, UK : Wiley, 2017.

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  • Title:
    Science and Christianity : an introduction to the issues / J.B. Stump.
  • Author: J. B. Stump, author.
  • Subjects: Religion and science; Christianity; Theology; Christianity; Religion and science; Theology; RELIGION / Christian Life / Social Issues; RELIGION / Christianity / General; Electronic books; Electronic books;
    Dewey: 261.5/5
  • Publication Details: Chichester. West Sussex, UK : Wiley, 2017.
  • Language: English
  • Description: Contents:

    Introduction xx

    1. Conflict and Independence xx

    1. Ways that science and Christianity might be related

    2. Conflict

    3. Independence

    4. Two Books

    2. Christianity and the Origin of Modern Science xx

    1. The handmaiden of theology

    2. Christianity’s role in the rise of modern science—20th century views

    3. Recent developments

    3. Secularization xx

    1. Scientists and religious belief

    2. Broadening the definition

    3. A secular age

    4. Young Earth Creationism and Intelligent Design xx

    1. Setting the stage for Young Earth Creationism

    2. Today’s Young Earth Creationism

    3. Intelligent Design

    4. Irreducible complexity and information

    5. The Bible xx

    1. Two books vs. sola scriptura

    2. Interpretation

    3. What kind of inspiration?

    4. Science and the Bible

    Contents: Methodological Naturalism xx

    1. Defining methodological naturalism

    2. Duhem and the aims of science

    3. Methodological naturalism and the problem of demarcation

    4. Reasons for abiding by methodological naturalism

    7. Natural Theology xx

    1. Classic arguments of natural theology

    2. Objections to natural theology

    3. Natural theology for the twenty-first century

    8. Cosmology xx

    1. Big Bang cosmology

    2. Fine tuning

    3. The Multiverse

    9. Evolution xx

    1. Evolution and the Bible

    2. Creation through randomness and death

    3. The uniqueness of human beings

    4. Consonance between evolution and Christianity

    10. Divine Action xx

    1. The development of deism

    2. Miracles

    3. Non-interventionist objective divine action

    4. Alternatives for explaining divine action

    11. Mind, Soul, and Brain xx

    Contents: The Christian tradition of the soul

    2. Descartes and dualism

    3. Challenges to dualism

    4. Cognitive dualism

    12. The Problem of Natural Evil xx

    1. Articulation of the problem

    2. Some potential solutions

    3. A more robust theodicy

    4. Eschatological fulfillment

    Conclusion: The Last Things xx

    Timeline xx

    Glossary xx

    Index xx

  • Identifier: ISBN 9781118625132 (electronic book); ISBN 1118625137 (electronic book); ISBN (hardcover); BNB GBB6G4436; System number: 018014680
  • Notes: Bibliography note: Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Physical Description: 1 online resource.

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