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Glass cleaning device

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  • 种玻璃清洗装置

  • Title:
    Glass cleaning device
  • Author: LI Ya
  • Subjects: Human Necessities ; Furniture ; Domestic Articles OR Appliances ; Coffee Mills ; Spice Mills ; Suction Cleaners In General ; Domestic Washing OR Cleaning ; Suction Cleaners In General ; Medicine ; Sciences ; Chemistry
  • Language: Chinese;English
  • Description: The invention discloses a glass cleaning device. The glass cleaning device comprises a hand-held part, the hand-held part is of a cylindrical structure, a cylindrical accommodating cavity arranged in a coaxial mode is formed in the hand-held part, a bevel gear arranged in a coaxial mode is installed in the accommodating cavity, an optical shaft is fixedly connected in the bevel gear in a sleeved mode, the hand-held part is movably sleeved with the optical shaft, the optical shaft is internally provided with a threaded hole which is formed in the length direction of the optical shaft and penetrates through the optical shaft, an adjusting screw rod is connected in the threaded hole in a threaded and sleeved mode, a fixation plate is vertically installed at the end, extending out of the bottom of the hand-held part, of the optical shaft, a long-strip type sliding groove is formed in the side, away from the optical shaft, of the fixation plate in the length direction of the fixation plate, and two groups of movable push plates which are symmetrically arranged along the optical shaft are installed on the side walls of the two sides of the sliding groove in a sliding mode. The glass cleaning device is suitable for cleaning glass containers with various sizes, especially for cleaning the inner walls of the side edges and bottoms of the glass containers, and the efficiency of cleaning the glass containers is improved. 本发明公开了种玻璃清洗装置,包括手持部,手持部为圆柱形结构,手持部的内部开设有同轴设置的圆柱形容纳腔,容纳腔的内部安装有同轴设置的锥齿轮,锥齿轮的内部固定套接有与手持部活动套接有的光轴,光轴的内部开设有沿光轴长度方向设置且贯穿光轴的螺纹孔,螺纹孔的内部螺纹套接有调节螺杆,光轴伸出手持部底部的端垂直安装有固定板,固定板远离光轴的侧沿固定板的长度方向开设有长条形滑槽,滑槽的两侧侧壁滑动安装有两组沿光轴对称设置的活动推板。本发明适合各种不同尺寸的玻璃容器的清洁,尤其使对玻璃容器的侧边内壁和底部内壁进行清洁,提高了玻璃容器的清洁效率。
  • Creation Date: 22 August 2017

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