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Improvements in hydraulic control valves

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  • Title:
    Improvements in hydraulic control valves
  • Author: Towler John Maurice ; Towler Frank Hathorn
  • Subjects: Performing Operations ; Transporting ; Presses ; Presses In General ; Medicine ; Sciences ; Chemistry
  • Language: English
  • Description: 705,576. Valves. ELECTRAULIC PRESSES, Ltd. July 13, 1951 [July 24, 1950], No. 18369/50. Class 135 A valve controlling the admission and exhaust of pressure liquid to and from a hydraulic press comprises a valve body 1, Fig. 1, haying inlet, press and exhaust ports 8, 10, 14 respectively and housing independent spring-loaded non-return inlet and exhaust valves 3, 11 and a plunger control valve 15 operably connected to a handlever 40, Fig. 2. In the neutral position, Fig. 1, of the plunger 15 pressure liquid from a pump or accumulator passes through an inlet connection 24, body recesses 22, 21 and pipe 26 to the rear of a spring-loaded piston 5 to hold the inlet valve 3 closed. The exhaust valve 11 is held closed by its spring 13. To prevent surge in the exhaust main, the lever 40 is moved to, raise the plunger 15, whence radial ports 30 in the plunger are aligned with a body recess 23 to connect the press port 10 with the exhaust port 14 through a port 31, pipe 29, Fig. 2, recess 23, ports 30 and the plunger bore, prior to the opening of the exhaust valve 11 by the plunger. On movement of the lever 40 to lower the plunger from its neutral position radial ports 33 through the plunger are aligned with the recess 21 to connect the space behind the piston 5 to the exhaust port 14 and so permit the opening of the inlet valve 3 by inlet pressure. In a modification, surge in the exhaust main is prevented by employing a compound exhaust valve in lieu of the radial ports 30 and the plunger bore. In this arrangement, two exhaust valves 11, 35, Fig. 3, are arranged concentrically. the inner smaller valve 35 having a slightly longer stem so that it is opened first.
  • Creation Date: 17 March 1954

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